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Vote: 4.1

Quality: SD

Director: Janet Chun

Genre: Comedy Romance


Runtime: 104 min

Released: 05 Aug 2010

Starring: Charlene Choi Raymond Lam Joey Yung
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Storyline:  Princess Yan becomes engaged to a King from the faraway state of Fan. Princess Yan & her entourage are then escorted to the Fan State by General Ching Hin (Raymond Lam). During the long journey, Princess Yan & General Ching Hin often bicker with each other, but soon falls in love. The couple even exchanges loves tokens - a pearl from Yan's dowry and a family treasure jade from General Ching Hin. Suddenly, the convey is attacked and Princess falls off a cliff and loses her memory. General Cheng is taken by a group of bandits led by Chuk Sam Leung (Joey Yung). The princess is saved by a storyteller named Ling Kam Hoi (Cho-lam Wong) and starts a new life with him, not rembering she is royalty. When Princess Yan and General Cheng finally reunite, Princess Yan has fallen in love with Ling Kam Hoi

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